Upgrade Your Coax TV Cabling

f connector, coax rg-6 termination

Full-Power analog TV broadcasting in the United States ended on February 17th, 2009, after which full power TV broadcasts is now only digital. The New Digital Conversion upgrade, as far as i know, was implemented so the Government could use all those Analog Frequencies for themselves.

Since the Change from Analog to Digital has occured with TV service, there are many Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings that are still behind the times.The old Wiring was called Rg-59 Coaxial and the New, thicker, Coaxial Cabling is called Rg-6. Shaun's Telecom in San Diego is a Company that can help your with your Digital Upgrade for Residential, Industrial and Commercial needs for the new age of Digital Innovation

We can can Upgrade your old Rg-59 Wiring / Cabling to the new Rg-6 Cabling that is Capable for handling the current Bandwidth that is needed for any kind of Digital and/or Satellite Wiring / Cabling

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