Phone system installations & Repair


Do you need a phone system Upgraded, Replaced or Repaired?

Shaun's Telecom Has over 18 Years experience with various phone systems. If you need to add or move an extension or If you need to Expand your phone system I can assist your Business or home. If you need some new wiring for a new extension or have cabling looked at for problems, Shaun's Telecom can help you. 

Troubleshooting your Phone system and/or Phone Cards.

A lot of the older Phone systems had used big oversized phone cards. Just like everything in Technology, Phone Systems are getting smaller and more sleek designs, and more user friendly. Just because your phone system is old doesn't always mean its trash. I can most likely find refurbished replacement parts for your Phone System. Weather it be parts for your System or the phones themselves.

Complete Phone System Replacement

I can completely restore your current phone system with Refurbished parts or Install a Completely Brand new Phone System for your Home or place of Business. By gathering all your needs, We can design together a cost effective System that suits your needs and have a system installed from start to finish. Contact us us Today!

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